About Us

TOPCOM Messaging Pte Ltd was established in 1999 and commenced operations as sole distributor for TOPCALL International A.G., a worldwide provider of enterprise communication servers.

TOPCOM Messaging Pte Ltd helps organizations to automate business processes and streamline transactions by managing the exchange of information among people, applications and devices via email, fax, voice, SMS and telex. TOPCOM Messaging Pte Ltd provides the most complete, best integrated and easiest to use set of technologies and delivers the most cost effective and highest real-world ROI solutions.

By combining our technical expertise with the industry knowledge of our worldwide partners we increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and minimize risks for our customers.

Today Topcom Messaging Pte Ltd supports business communications, network and production faxing, communication workflow, converged IP telephony and maximizes IT availability.

What We Can Do For You

Companies communicate through people. Actually companies expect their people – individually or in groups - to engage and negotiate with alliances, customers, suppliers, financial institutions, government and of course fellow employees. Companies like to use technology to facilitate this communication process. (People within companies. After all this is what people are supposed to do in order to engage and negotiate …). The purpose of technology is to facilitate this process and not to act as an obstacle.

TOPCOM Messaging Pte Ltd has the technological knowledge and proven experience to develop the right conditions that will allow your people to exchange information (and messages) in a simple and secure way. We understand that as a precondition for successfully automating communicating we have to put the individual user and user groups back into focus. Our methodology will create a pre-requisite for a seamless exchange of information within the business process.

Our solution will automate / enable / allow / build a communication / messaging platform independent of media formats, applications and hardware used. Our automation will enable companies to relieve their staff of routine tasks and increase productivity. As a result costs will be reduced substantially.

Our Mission

To analyse, optimize and automate business communication process

Our Office

TOPCOM Messaging Pte Ltd
9 Temasek Boulevard
#31-02 Suntec Tower Two
Singapore 038989