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TOPCALL’s server is a proven, reliable platform that enables business systems to communicate using all relevant media types, while leveraging the organization’s existing IT infrastructure.

Enterprises always are looking to use all modern means of communication reliably, economically and efficiently. They are also looking to optimize their business processes.

Whether e-mail, SMS, fax, telex, VoIP, landline or mobile telephony. TOPCALL integrates the data and information by means of its Unified Messaging solution in a uniform system, facilitate the flow of information into your enterprise, including communication internally as well as externally. TOPCALL’s solutions help you successfully reduce costs by automating processes, relieve staff of routine tasks, handle legally compliant archiving of communication data, secure information channels against disruptions and loss of data and turn a complex mass of arising data into a valuable information pool.

As a partner of Microsoft, SAP, Lotus, Novell, Siemens, Ricoh and HP, TOPCALL acquired top knowledge of the products for which its solutions are developed and which are used by its customers. With more than 4.000 implemented systems for international companies, TOPCALL possesses sound practical knowledge that is reflected in its solutions.

Implementing a TOPCALL’s Server means seamlessly integrating the “island solution” fax into your digital infrastructure. Create and send faxes in the network directly from applications and profit from automated archiving into Enterprise Content Management Systems. In this way you will fulfill legal obligations — for example with respect to invoicing — as well as reduce the workload and also the error rate.

Do you manage your business processes with SAP? When R3 users implement TOPCALL’s solution, seamless integration of all means of communication is achieved, which will relieve your staff from entering data by hand and ensure rapid flow of information.

For service providers, a complete overview of large customer groups, fast service and invoicing cycles and a detailed performance analysis are decisive criteria for success. TOPCALL’s xSP solutions create transparency and speed up your processes.

Play it safe with regard to compliance to legal regulations and obligations. In terms of Compliance, you can profit from exact logging and meaningful reports on information sent and received, from legally compliant archiving and by securely sending time-critical information - Secure Confirmation Handling.

Consolidate your IT infrastructure. In this way you can realise savings potentials, achieve greater data integrity and more reliability as well as push forward innovations.

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